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Welcome to the world of "CCILU" (Chee-Loo) International Inc., meaning "liberate" in Japanese. Our goal is to liberate producers and consumers from the confines of traditionally harmful materials and production practices, in favor of a more sustainable way forward. Our innovative, eco-friendly shoes are made using technology that allows us to upcycle materials such as coffee grounds and plastic bottles, rather than utilizing virgin plastics or animal-based materials. Our sustainable footwear is stylish, yet lightweight, comfortable and functional. We strive to exist as a circular economy, using typically discarded materials as the base for our footwear, and collecting end-of-life footwear from customers to convert into energy sources. We seek to satisfy and create conscious consumers and we challenge you ALL to think differently about the concepts of waste, recycling, production, and consumerism.

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Where style meets sustainability

Over the span of 10 years, the company has expanded its presence to over forty countries. Our vision is to transform the concept of production and consumerism to prioritize recycled, upcycled, and plant-based materials. It’s time that we as a society focus on DECREASING waste production, frequency of consumption, pollution to our ecosystems, and the overall carbon footprint of each human.

Ccilu's Core Values

At Ccilu, we are dedicated to our customers and to our planet. To solidify our commitment and promise of sustainability, we have partnered with One Tree Planted, become certified as a B-Corp and a PETA-vegan approved business, and received a Global Recycled Standard certification for two of our footwear technologies.

Reduce your eco footprint, reward your feet

Each year, 25 billion kilos of spent coffee grounds (SCGs), which are compostable, are created globally from the cups of coffee we consume. Yet, most communities across the world do not offer compost options, causing consumers to throw their SCGs into the waste bin, contributing to an increase in methane and CO2 emissions, and consequently, climate change.


Creating infrastructure and providing education around compost is difficult and costly, but there’s another way to cut down on the waste produced - recycling. Recycling does not only apply to the containers our food and household items are stored in. Recycling, as a concept, refers to re-using materials to create new products. From this, XpreSole was born!

Ccilu XpreSole Cody is the first shoe on the market to use recycled SCGs - five cups worth to be exact! By recycling these SCGs into shoe soles, Ccilu is decreasing landfill emissions AND replacing the use of petroleum-based materials that are found in traditional footwear. BUT environmental impact is only half of the equation! Ccilu set out to make a long-lasting, high-quality shoe that could DECREASE overall consumerism, because they are built to last. Xpresole shoes are stylish, comfortable, flexible, gripping, water repellent, UV protected, fast drying and odor controlled! Plus, when you are finished, you can send it back and we will upcycle the materials once again.

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