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Evolution of Coffee Eco shoes

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Made from Recycled Coffee Grounds

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We plant a tree for every pair of shoes sold

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Step Into Sustainable Style

Welcome to the world of "CCILU" (CHEE-loo) International Inc., meaning "liberate" in Japanese.
With a focus on creating technology and footwear that is lightweight, comfortable and sustainable, we challenge you to think differently about the concepts of waste, recycling, and consumerism.
At our core, we seek to innovate the technology of eco friendly shoes, recycling materials commonly discarded, such as coffee grounds and plastic bottles. We strive to create stylish, yet functional and comfortable shoes. Our sustainable shoes let customers increase their walking footprint, while decreasing their carbon footprint!
We seek to satisfy and create conscious consumers and to ultimately create a more sustainable future for us all.

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Reduce your eco footprint while you reward your feet

only in Xpresole’s sustainable shoes

Introducing XpreSole, the first shoe to use recycled Spent Coffee Grounds (SCGs) - five cups worth to be exact!

Did you know most communities across the world do not offer community compost options?

25 billion kilo of (SCGs) are created each year, contributing to an increase in methane and CO2 emissions, and consequently, climate change. By recycling these SCGs into shoe soles, we are decreasing emissions AND replacing 30% of the petroleum used in traditional footwear.

BUT environmental impact is only half of the equation! Ccilu set out to make a long-lasting, high-quality shoe that could decrease overall consumerism. Xpresole shoes are stylish, comfortable, flexible, gripping, water repellent, UV protected, fast drying and odor controlled!

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Behind the scenes with our sustainable shoe: Xpresole

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CCILU aimed to create a greener environment and partnered with PETA to bring awareness on vegan products, such as our XpreSole® Cody, XpreSole® Panto and XpreSole® Socks.

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Step Forward, Give Back

When you give to others, it changes us for the better and improves our wellbeing. Give shoes, give love, give of yourself.

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