Meet XpreSole®! The world’s 1st shoes made primarily from coffee.

Vegan, sustainable, and eco-friendly product, we are reducing our ecological footprint by up-cycling Spent Coffee Grounds (SCGs) into footwear.

UnparallelED Features

Dirt Proof & Water Repellent
We developed a formula that mixes and melts spent coffee grounds into a special compound that is ideal for shoe soles and tops, which is Dirt Proof, Water Repellent, Odor Controlled, Ultralight and so “much more.”
Vamp Foam Lining

Coated with nano-graded polymer. Dirt proof and water repellent functions as well as great durability.

The canvas fibers of the upper footwear are densely coated with a high-quality nano-graded polymer, which makes the shoe dirt-proof as well as water and oil repellent with great durability.

We use spent coffee grounds (SCGs) for each major footwear component (upper, insole and outsole).
These properties also allow our shoes to pass ISO quality standards
Honored by the Red Dot Design Award 2019
XpreSole was recognized by the most prestigious Red Dot design award (Germany) for its innovative technology and contribution to our mother earth.
Contribution to Sustainability
Over 850 billion cups of coffee are poured every year. That’s a huge amount of waste. And Coffee trash releases methane, which is 28 times worse than C02 for our climate. Isn’t there something better we can do?
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