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Introducing the sustainable shoe you’ve been waiting for!

XpreSole® is the first sole made from recycled coffee grounds that is also vegan, dirt proof, water repellent and odor controlled.

By recycling what we would typically discard, we have created revolutionary shoes comprised of recycled plastics and recycled coffee grounds. What once was waste can now be used again and again.

Welcome to the world of eco friendly shoes!


Creating our coffee collection

Spent Coffee Grounds

Due to a lack of composting infrastructure and education, most food waste ends up in a landfill. However, with our ability to turn spent coffee grounds into thread, we can rescue coffee grounds from coffee shops and cafes and upcycle them into our XpreSole product line.

We dry, grind, and sift the grounds in our manufacturing facility. Using patented technology, we pelletize the grounds to create the upcycled fabric for our socks, shoes, and apparel. For our shoes, you’ll see this fabric used for the lining and insole, and the same materials are used to create the shell and outsole with injection molding.

Recycled Plastic Bottles

Did you know that less than 10% of plastics ever produced have been recycled and that most communities lack the infrastructure to recycle NEARLY ALL of the plastics that boast the recycling symbol? We rescue and recycle plastic bottles ensuring that they end up in our shoes, rather than our oceans. Combining this recycled plastic with the SCG’s, we create a RPET yarn (Recycled PET) that makes up the upper and insole of this eco friendly shoe.


In 2019, XpreSole® Cody was recognized by the most prestigious Red Dot Design Award for its innovative technology and contribution to our mother earth.

In 2021, XpreSole® Panto was honored with 3 prestigious design awards:

• Red Dot Design Award - THE BEST OF THE BEST

• iF Design Award

• Sliver A’Design Award

In 2023, XpreSole® Blocks was recognized by 2 design awards:

• iF Design Award

• Singapore Good Design Award