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CCILU to Launch Footwear Collection Embellished with the Finest Crystals Brand will be an Ingredient Branding partner bearing the ‘Crystals from Swarovski®’ seal. CCILU INTERNATIONAL INC. has announced plans for a footwear collection enriched with Swarovski® crystals. The first product planned for launch is the Rovmia, featuring CCILU’s Red Dot award-winning Stepping Stones technology embellished with crystals from Swarovski. The collection will be launched in 2019, and be available worldwide.

Brand will be an Ingredient Branding partner bearing the 'Crystals from Swarovski®' seal

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- CCILU INTERNATIONAL INC. has announced plans for a footwear collection enriched with Swarovski® crystals. The collection will be launched in 2019, and be available worldwide, spanning sandals, sneakers and boots. The first product planned for launch is the Rovmia, featuring CCILU's award-winning Stepping Stones technology embellished with crystals from Swarovski.

Featuring a reflexology insole with massage pods that effectively improve circulation and wellness, and retail priced at $69USD, the lightweight Rovmia sandal "will be delivered to consumers as an extremely healthy, luxurious, and affordable product."

"We are committed to providing our audiences with something more," said CCILU CEO Wilson Hsu, who founded CCILU in 2011. "The trademark quality of Swarovski crystals and the ever-present spotlight on both stage and the silver screen is a perfect complement to the style and innovation of CCILU footwear."


"CCILU has connected with consumers on many levels, from lifestyle to environmentally conscious technologies," Mr. Giuseppe Ravenna, the Managing Director of Swarovski Professional Taiwan and Hong Kong, stated. "Swarovski is honored to support this new footwear partnership to realize its expressions of everyday glamour."

CCILU's award-winning design team will capitalize on CCILU's SKIVE-ON and CCILUCELL technologies. Thanks to the eco-friendly CCILUCELL technology, CCILU shoes can weigh as light as 70 grams (compared to the 600 - 2,000 grams, the weight of most regular footwear). SKIVE-ON offers unique flexibility. CCILU designers are also combining embedded Swarovski crystals with a vast array of materials, from leather and synthetics to rubber and plastic. In addition to Rovmia, there are more footwear that are still in development, coinciding with seasonal demands, to be launched in 2019, spanning sandals, sneakers, and boots.

"When you 'liberate yourself,' which is our mantra, your passion and fantasy merge to present the ultimate expression," Hsu concluded. "As a result, your next step is clear. Footwear created with crystals from Swarovski is the next step for CCILU, to sparkle your outer and inner universe."

"CCILU" (CHEE-loo) means "liberate" in Japanese, and "liberate yourself" is the call to action, a reminder that we each have the power to defy limitations. For CCILU, this means bringing our creativity and independent spirit to footwear evolution, pairing style with functionality. This is thanks to CCILU Footwear's revolutionary technologies, which deliver unparalleled lightness and flexibility. Launched in 2011, this award-winning lifestyle brand is now sold in more than 60 countries, with 40+ CCILU stores in Asia and a permanent presence established in North America, under the CCILU USAbanner. Through its #StepForwardGiveBack initiative, including a donation of 100,000 pairs of new CCILU shoes to the Soles4Souls Travel Program, CCILU has given shoes to those in need in HaitiHondurasJamaicaGuatemalaEcuadorand Costa Rica. CCILU shoes have also been used in relief efforts here at home, helping hurricane victims in Texas and Puerto Rico.

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