Ms Indranee Rajah Acknowledges Xpresole Pantoo Boots ( AKA Xpresole Pantoo Blocks )

Taking this time to thank Ms. Indranee Rajah for the recognition of CCILU new Launch for “Panto Xpresoo Blocks”. It’s with great honor to have been presented and appreciated both in person and through social media. For those of you who may not be familiar with Ms Indranee Rajah SC, she is a Singaporean politician who has been serving as Minister in the Prime Minister's Office Second Minister for Finance since 2018, Second Minister for National Development, and Leader of the House since 2020. CCILU attended the SG Mark Awards, showcasing the new styles for the upcoming seasons. Among those styles were the newly launched Xpresole Pantoo Boots. Ms Indranee Rajah showed much interest and took her time to talk more about the shoes on her social media platforms saying “Shoes made from coffee ☕ ?? Looking at these buttery smooth shoes you’d never guess they are made out of recycled coffee grounds but apparently they are!...” you can read more about her post below.


It is with great honor and privilege in present our award-winning Xpresole Pantoo boots. CCILU  thanks Ms. Indranee for her kind words, time, and energy given.