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 From CCILU to -CILU. Today we elevated our brand by boldly eliminating the first “C” letter.

If you have been following us for a while now, You may notice our new logo “-CILU”, it’s not a typo. We are now "-CILU" brand. Removing the first “C” of our original brand name “Ccilu” symbolizes that we are determined to reduce even more carbon emissions. As a part of the new logo “-CILU”, the “-C” design also demonstrates that we will keep reducing carbon emissions boldly. We have always been a sustainable footwear brand making products with upcycling coffee grounds, ocean plastics, silicon wastes, and other agricultural and aquacultural wastes. At the new brand “-CILU” and “-C”, we invite you to join our journey of removing more and more carbon emissions in your daily life! 

Join us to help make this concept into reality. You may help by wearing our sustainable shoes and socks!

The team of -CILU leverages their skills to bring creativity and independent spirit to footwear evolution. The company continues to develop ESG/SDGs initiatives based on tech excellence fused with business model innovation. 

-CILU’s product portfolio has a wide range of unique products manufactured from upcycled coffee grounds, upcycled ocean plastics, upcycled silicon slurries, upcycled agricultural, and aquacultural wastes, etc. Compared to other brands in the industry, -CILU products cause half-carbon emissions. -CILU aims to introduce the world’s first carbon-neutral or even carbon-negative footwear in 2022, with a goal to make the whole company operation carbon neutral by 2025.

With solid and proven R&D history and background, -CILU’s core values of social innovation, net-zero emission, and sustainability.

-CILU aims at launching the world's first "net-zero" footwear collection in 2023 and accomplishing "net-zero" for overall corporate operation by 2025.